Jennifer Banks is a passionate, credible, knowledgeable force that can easily lift a business, whether that be in finance, strategy, leadership or marketing.

She has a wealth of experience across multiple sectors that allows her to bring a unique perspective to solving those ‘unsolvable’ issues. You won’t regret partnering with her to transform your life and business!
— Isaac, Big Blond Bear
My Husband and I recently worked with Jennifer to create better structures in our business to free our time and increase our cash flow. We loved working with Jennifer. She taught us how to use our work days more effectively. We now have plenty of time to spend with our kids!

Jennifer was encouraging every step of the way and always there for us. I recommend her to any business owner wishing to take their company to the next level.
— Heather & Daniel, The Outside Kitchen & Bar
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Before I began working with Jennifer, I knew just enough to get by, but had minimal training or knowledge in how to successfully manage the finances of our business. I loved her enthusiasm to fully answer my questions and give me time to understand the actions I needed to take.

Jennifer always encouraged me to take on projects that she knew would challenge me and help me grow. She kept me on track along the way and communicated her goals so I knew where we were heading as a team. She was so willing to help me learn and I experienced a lot of personal growth while working with her.

I firmly recommend working with Jennifer, her drive and passion is infectious!
— Tim S, Caring for Life Ltd.
We hired Jennifer not only for her industry knowledge, but because of her positive outlook on the opportunities available to our business. Jennifer’s supportive and collaborative style greatly improved the company’s bottom line and cash position.

She gave us tools to help us manage costs, make smart financial decisions and increase sales. Her approach proved to be excellent, and we still use these tools today to strategically grow our business.
— Tim P, Caring for Life Ltd.